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Victory Summer Love Ale

ALC./VOL: 5.2%
IBUs: 25
COLOR: goldenrod
AROMA: overwhelming scents of strong, inviting hops
THOUGHTS: Now I’m not usually one for the light, golden ales that plague our bar taps and liquor store freezers. They just generally lack that bite, that kick in the mouth that says, “I am here and I am beer. Drink me and be drunk.”

Summertime usually consists of sticking to the heftier IPAs and Double IPAs that tend to get brewed this time of year. That is until I came across Summer Love Golden Ale by Victory. They call it a light, golden ale but it is like an IPA cross-pollinated with an ale. It’s a little deceiving at it’s 5.2% ABV, because the German hops play off the pale malts so well that it does pack a bit of initial bite that then goes down smooth, leaving another refreshment of hops (American whole flower this time) that give it a tangy bite.

All that said, it is truly one of those beers that the minute you finish you want to crack another because it’s taste is just that unique. And the best part about Summer Love is it was created by Victory back in 1999 when the Greater Philadelphia Tourism and Marketing Corporation commissioned them the essence of the City of Philadelphia in the summer. And by damn, I’d say they did an incredible job of just bottling the taste of summer because after a couple I’m ready for some whiffle ball in the backyard or a romp on the sand with a lady friend I just shared a few with at the bar…

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