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Maybe it’s the fact that I finally found a beer I’d been searching to taste again for years. Maybe it’s because we’ve got a brand new craft beer bar on the Island. Whatever it is, “let’s have a beer” is back and better than ever…

Abita Jockamo IPA

ALC./VOL: 6.5%
IBUs: 52
COLOR: copper orange
AROMA: summer fruits and pine trees mixed with the spicy bite of hops
THOUGHTS: As I said earlier of Abita’s Jockamo IPA when I tried it for the first time while traveling cross-country:

The next stop was New Orleans, and we tasted the delectable Abita Beer. For the evening I stuck with the Jockamo IPA, which is named for the tribes of dancing, singing, chanting “Mardi Gras Indians” who have marched in New Orleans for over 250 years. It was a perfectly hopped, amber brew with tons of taste, especially while walking the streets of N.O. during the evening with one or five in my hand. 

So, after much searching and only coming across Abita’s Purple Haze or Amber or Light beers, a few days ago I finally stumbled across Jockamo IPA in a Buy Rite. One of the best things about Jockamo IPA is it’s ability to truly make you want to have another upon completion of one. And this isn’t because of it’s inherent nature of being beer, it’s because of it’s incredible flavor that’s a near perfect combination of intense hops and sweet malts—which makes it a perfect pairing for the spicy food of N’awlins.

Not only does it offer an impeccable taste, but Abita is also one of the leading micro breweries in North America in conservation and green efforts. They were the first to install an energy efficient brewing system that reduces energy use by 70%. They operate their own industrial wastewater treatment plant to generate their own energy. Their unfiltered beer that’s packaged in 6-packs is wrapped with recycled cardboard and 47% less cardboard than a normal 6-pack holder. Plus, their stubby bottles actually use less glass than the regular tall bottle and their sales team drives strictly gas-electric hybrids. So basically Abita makes incredibly delicious beer in one of the most sustainable ways known in America—what more could you want?!

The re-emergence of Jockamo IPA into my life this summer means it’s going to be one hell of a summer…

Abita Jockamo IPA beer review