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As difficult as it might be, put aside all the bigotry, the sexism, the hatred and the bile that has spewed out over these long months. Forget the comments of sexual harassment, the intolerance towards other races, religions and the disabled that one person in specific was elected on. Let go of the elite classism of both candidates and our anger towards them for it. Because we won’t have a planet left for any of that to matter.

World-renowned intellectual Noam Chomsky told Truth Out in a recent interview, “The winning candidate, now the president-elect, calls for rapid increase in use of fossil fuels, including coal; dismantling of regulations; rejection of help to developing countries that are seeking to move to sustainable energy; and in general, racing to the cliff as fast as possible.”

Patagonia did a valid job of getting people to rethink this election in terms of voting “for the Planet.” In a campaign cycle where the number one issue concerning future generations was barely discussed, it was a sad sign of what is to come.

President elect Donald J. Drumpf does not believe in climate change. He does not believe in the Environmental Protection Agency — his choice to lead his transition team of the EPA is Myron Ebell, who is a staunch climate denier and who does not even hold a degree in science (the advocacy group he works for is financed in part by the coal industry).

Drumpf does not believe that fracking is bad for humans, drinking water or the Earth. He does not believe in federally protecting lands from development and conservation.

This is a person who responded to Fox’s Chris Wallace when asked, “Who’s going to protect the environment?” with “We’ll be fine with the environment. We can leave a little bit, but you can’t destroy businesses.”

But we won’t be fine if we continue heading down the road we are. Global temperatures are continuing to rise. Sea levels are rising. Loss of land ice in Greenland and Antarctica are real things. These are all universal facts that even the Department of Defense and military experts can agree upon.

The rise in global temperature. Photo: Courtesy of NASA

The rise in global temperature. Photo: Courtesy of NASA

Following the historic presidency of Barack Obama, who protected more federal lands and marine ecosystems than any other president ever, we are left to wonder where our planet is now heading.

Will the hard-fought battle that is going on in North Dakota over the pipeline even matter? Will our unborn children and grandchildren know of the National Park Service? How many more species will we kill in the next 10, 20 and 50 years?

Whatever your feelings are on the outcome of the election, we need to do everything we can to make sure we have a planet for the future. Vehemently denying climate change as a hoax and threatening to go back on a great step forward with the Climate Paris Agreement (that 195 nations agreed upon) are not things we have time for as a human race. The independent research firm Lux Research estimates that by 2024, Drumpf’s proposed policies would increase U.S. carbon emissions by 16 percent.

We need to start conversations about the environment on a national-level, sign petitions, protest, stop eating meat or do whatever you can. Because the number one issue facing humans was barely a talking point during the election, but now it’s time to get down to business and make some changes for our planet. In this last election, we let the whole planet down, but hopefully we can find the fortitude to recognize we are better than that.

I will leave you with another quote from Noam Chomsky in that recent interview. And keep in mind that he started the discussion by bringing this up immediately, showing the magnitude of what has happened. Hopefully we can prove him wrong in this:

“It is hard to find words to capture the fact that humans are facing the most important question in their history — whether organized human life will survive in anything like the form we know — and are answering it by accelerating the race to disaster.”


a new series that consists of writing about an idea while on a subway ride

Day 2

 My favorite bicycle had white handle grips & a white seat. Everything else was red. It was a British-style bike, with a Robin Hood emblem on the front. I rode it drunk. I rode it hungover. It had coaster brakes, which was fun on hills. I once locked it to a lamp post and had to cut the lock with cable cutters because it seized up—it was one of those cheap combo ones. Cutting a bike lock at 2 in the afternoon on a Saturday along Main Street garnered lots of stares. Like I was stealing my own bicycle. I was also run into by a truck on Robin Hood—and I was practically on the sidewalk when it happened. That asshole bent the handlebars a bit. But other than that Robin Hood escaped destruction then, and not the only time he dodged it with me on either.


a new series that consists of writing about an idea while on a subway ride

Day 1

shaving hungover is a punishment for the night before. the three too many drinks, the inept amount of awful sleep, the debauched things you did to that bartender when she brought you to her apartment. not unlike any typical night, really. the headache, the shaky hands, the cottonmouth—they all combine to tear apart my face. I know as I lather the cream in my hands, staring at the steel blade, that my blood will be shed. I know this but I still do it. I relish the burn—not so much so walking around in my boxers with squares of wet, bloody toilet paper on my face, but more the fact that I deserved it. sort of cleansing in a way, a fresh start. maybe today is the day I start growing a beard.

This is not a recent incident, but it is an incident of upmost importance (though mainstream news wouldn’t make it seem like that). I bring this up because Abdulrahman’s grandmother, Nasser al-Awlaki, a Fullbright scholar and founder of Yemen’s Ibb University, penned this op-ed for the NY Times the other day before petitioning a federal court in D.C. to require the government to be accountable for the killing of one of it’s own who had no connections to terrorists.

She is not only demanding well-deserved answers for her grandson’s death (and not mention her son’s death), but she is also raising a very important question that is critical to our checks and balance system: Shouldn’t the Executive branch have to answer to the other 2 branches and the American people for trampling all over the Constitution?

Nestlé Waters owns and operates roughly 67 different brands of bottled water globally. These 67 different bottled water brands are classified into 3 different water categories by Nestlé: natural mineral water, spring water, and prepared water. Who knew that water could take on so many different forms and names!

Owning a third of the market share in the U.S., Nestlé has recently launched their newest bottled water brand, Resource, which is being aimed primarily at “a woman who is a little more on the trendy side and higher-income side, and the bull’s-eye is 35 years old,” Larry Cooper, group marketing manager for Resource, told the NY Times.

Basically, they’re looking to break into the “premium level” of bottled water, and this is their first non-carbonated and non-effervescent attempt at that. Again, who knew one of the world’s most important natural resources had so many different forms!

Which brings us to that humanrobot you see in the video above, Nestlé CEO Peter Brabeck. He believes our greatest natural resource is a commodity, and not a right. Well of course he does, because his yearly bonus is tied to that “commodity” being put in plastic bottles and trucked around the world to basically become one of the most awful humanrobot contributors to pollution and wastefulness.

Use tap water, it’s free, and it doesn’t hurt the earth—and use a Brita if your tap water isn’t quite trustworthy. Unless of course you wanna be a trendy humanrobot, then by all means be wasteful and treat a human right like a humanrobot commodity…

Nestle Resource water

American boozemap by Thrillist

Picture 1

Just so we can be clear on this, here are those numbers from Pitch’s take on putting all this faceless killing in Pakistan into graphic form:

  • Estimated total fatalities: 3,105
  • High profile targets: 47 (1.5%)
  • Civilian: 535 (17.2%)
  • Children: 171 (5.7%)
  • Other: 2,348 (75.6%)

Granted, these stats are not 100% accurate, as this is a completely secret operation. The “Other” category it’s said falls into the legal grey matter of a war. So who knows what the hell that means. But it’s pretty obvious that the targets the CIA are going after are not dying in the numbers that everyone else in Pakistan is from this large metal birds of death…