a new series that consists of writing about an idea while on a subway ride

Day 2

 My favorite bicycle had white handle grips & a white seat. Everything else was red. It was a British-style bike, with a Robin Hood emblem on the front. I rode it drunk. I rode it hungover. It had coaster brakes, which was fun on hills. I once locked it to a lamp post and had to cut the lock with cable cutters because it seized up—it was one of those cheap combo ones. Cutting a bike lock at 2 in the afternoon on a Saturday along Main Street garnered lots of stares. Like I was stealing my own bicycle. I was also run into by a truck on Robin Hood—and I was practically on the sidewalk when it happened. That asshole bent the handlebars a bit. But other than that Robin Hood escaped destruction then, and not the only time he dodged it with me on either.