Smuttynose Robust Porter

ALC./VOL: 5.7%
IBUs: 45
COLOR: a dark umber
AROMA: smells of that classic British ale with mixes of coffee, chocolate, and a hint of hops
THOUGHTS: First off, Smuttynose’s Robust Porter packs a much more massive punch than the numbers tell. Upon my first downing of this delicious, bone-warming beer, I felt a bit foggy—like I had just taken a few fists to the face from the goateed man on the label. It was the original sweetness of each sip that drug me in, followed with a slight hop bitterness that helped to deceive it’s alcohol content.

While looking at the second one forming it’s thick, tawny head, I realized it was quite the mix between a dark ale and a light, creamy porter. Something for everyone with it’s hints of chocolate and coffee and it’s subtle bite, all mixed with a taste and punch that left me feeling more drunk than I really was—and maybe the fact that they go oh so down easy helped to aid in the perceived drunkenness. After my 3rd I was feeling like me and Mr. Smuttynose on the label could be friends, he looked like an amicable guy. And thus, another solid winter beer to help push away this cold loneliness.