In an NPR piece I came across this morning, Georgia is taking a much more direct approach to start curbing the epidemic known as childhood obesity in this country. Georgia has the 2nd highest number of obese children in America, behind only Mississippi. Some say it’s too harsh, but letting kids eat fast food and chemically processed junk for as long as we have has not been doing any good (see the chart below of the rise in childhood obesity over the last few years). “It has to be harsh. If it’s not, nobody’s going to listen,” says Linda Matzigkeit, vice president of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the pediatric hospital running the campaign in the NPR piece.

And as one mother points out in the piece, whose 15-year-old son has lost 20lbs and who are both making a huge effort to help slim him down, “It plants a seed. And what we do with that is our responsibility.”

And it’s time for parents to start taking responsibility in this country for what goes in their children’s mouths and how they form their own eating habits into adulthood. If we continue to coddle like we have, imagine where childhood, and adulthood, obesity rates will be in another 20 years…

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