that it needs to regularly be fact-checked, like this job by the NY Times, and constantly by Politifact, and always by Esquire‘s Charles Pierce. whether the humanrobot clowns dropping millions of dirty money for the same thing are inflating their job creation skills, bashing President Obama’s healthcare plan (ironically by Willard Romney), painting the EPA as a socialist agency, calling Obama an elitist for wanting to give everyone a chance at higher education (see below), or saying that a war is being waged on Christianity by the Obama administration (when was Christianity the only religion in a free religion America?), all you need to know is that every word coming out of their rich mouth’s is fiction being fed to poor American viewers eating it up like it’s some kind of reality television program.

which brings up the question, why do the words of potential candidates to run our country need to be fact-checked as much as they are? and why are those words continually proven to be false?