let’s have a beer is a column meant to provide my craft brew drinking habit with a purpose. From growlers to canned IPAs to beers you’ve certainly never heard of, I will sacrifice my taste buds for the pleasure of passing on knowledge of something new.

Anchor Steam 2011 Christmas Ale

BREWERY WEBSITE: anchorbrewing.com
ALC./VOL: 5.5%
IBUs: n/a
COLOR: coffee black
AROMA: thick dark aleness with chocolate undertones
THOUGHTS: Generation long traditions typically flourish in our culture this time of year. It’s well-known that I’m not the biggest fan of the consumerism that gets shoved down our throats while certain ‘news’ channels who are funded by those ads ask why we no longer care about the savior’s day of birth?

One tradition I am a fan of though is Anchor Steam’s Christmas Ale. In it’s 37th year it has surely become one of the staples of my winter beer consumption. And all this despite the fact that every single year it receives a new recipe and a hand-drawn label. Usually it is a heavy winter ale, and this year’s variety is another tasty edition.

2011’s was actually a little hoppy for a dark ale, which complimented the dark spices and hints of chocolate and coffee. Putting down a few of these with Christmas dinner certainly put the lights on the tree out. Go out and make sure you give this year’s a try, because before long we’ll only have to wait for next year’s, and a whole new taste. Well done Anchor Steam, well done.