It’s Just Pepper Spray

Oh really Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly? I mean you’re right, it’s only a food derivative. Well, are you willing to try it out? How they can even defend the use of pepper spray on students on their own campus for a peaceful protest is asinine and bat shit crazy. Standing up for the militarization of our police forces is just one part of what our friends at the ‘fair and balanced’ Fox ‘News’ are all about…


A craft that is so technical yet still becoming so extinct.

Slater Blues

Watching the 11x champ in Santa Barbara is always fun. Add in some good blues music and fun levels soar.

Hangs Upon Nothing

16mm surf films are legit.

Robert Reich Speaks Some More Truth

He might have a little bit different view from Megyn and Bill about that whole UC Davis pepper spray incident…