let’s have a beer is a new column meant to provide my craft brew drinking habit with a purpose. From growlers to canned IPAs to beers you’ve certainly never heard of, I will sacrifice my taste buds for the pleasure of passing on knowledge of something new.

Victory Festbier

BREWERY WEBSITE: victorybeer.com
ALC./VOL: 5.6%
IBUs: 20
COLOR: copper
AROMA: flowerly with a heavy, yet smooth malt subtly with the tiniest hint of spice
THOUGHTS: Seeing how today (10/28) is National American Beer Day I figured I’d have one (or a few) of a fine American brew in the bubbler style pint glass you see below (new beer glasses to help freshen things up).

Victory is brewed in Downington, Pennsylvania (just outside of Philly, where last night I saw these guys and these guys completely blow the roof of the TLA), and is as American as breweries come. They brew all sorts of different, delectable beers, but the Victory Festbier I focus on here is a traditional Oktoberfest with a sweet spin (yes, sorry, it’s still October and I’m still drinking these month-named/festival-named beers that populate the freezers in our local liquor stores this time of year).

Festbier starts off with a sweetness, then heads into a bit of a spicy ting, and finishes off with a dry, refreshing taste that accompanies the change of this cold weather so well that you just want to go pour yourself another. A much less off-kilter Oktoberfest than something like the Magic Hat Hextober, but not so far to the traditional end of the Oktoberfest breed that it would get lost in the shuffle. On this day of celebration for fine, American craft beers and the waning days of October, it be a fine choice to warm the body.