there were no violent outrages in Oakland last night. there was no looting. there were no armed protesters. there was absolutely nothing provoking other than the fact that the protesters were attempting to re-occupy a plaza outside of their City Hall—the City Hall that is supposed to be working for them, the people.

yet, as can be seen from the disappointing videos above, the police in Oakland took inappropriate measures. they even lied about using flashbangs when it is obviously clear that they did. the videos are ghastly foreign to a nation that is supposed to be run by it’s people and for it’s people. Charles Pierce from Esquire sums that feeling up well:

And why shouldn’t the police be militarized? After all, we keep handing them “wars” to fight. A war on drugs. A war on terror. A war on graffiti. (Thanks, Rudy.) Wars are not properly fought with half-measures. Wars are fought over territory and wars are fought over power. You put enough war propaganda into the heads of young men, hand them weapons, and give them a license to use them, and they are not going to see fellow citizens through the visors on their helmets. They are going to see enemies. Wars have enemies. In Oakland last night, the police took action against enemies.

violence like this will continue to pour out onto peaceful protesters of this Occupy movement until the leaders of this country start fixing the unfairness that has caused these brave patriots to stand up against. and with police becoming more and more militarized with each day, I fear what is in store for these protests…