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Time For A Food Fight

It really is time for the FDA to start regulating the food industry (aka start doing their job). I don’t want to eat food made in a laboratory, so why should I have to?

Poolside “Harvest Moon”

A refreshing take on one of Neil Young’s classic songs.

Jay Davies, Mexico

I love Mexico for many reasons: the people (especially the chicas), the language, the filling food for less than a buck, the passion that Mexicans have for life, the scenery, their cervezas. But surely one of the best things is the surf, and how empty and good it can be.

FOX’s ‘Great Coverage’ Of Occupy Wall St.

Is it really any surprise that FOX is giving really no real coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement that is going on? And the coverage they do give is ghastly misinformed and contrived to give their own warped opinions of people standing up against a plutocracy.

Youth Lagoon “Afternoon”

The lyrics to this one are pretty dark, and the mood of the song is one of longing for someone or something. We all have longings, and “Afternoon” seems to wrap them up in a box pretty neatly.