New Jersey’s corpulent governor, for some reason, presented the above speech last evening at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA. FOX News (while being fair and balanced) titled the speech as a “Monumental Takedown Of Obama”. I’m not quite sure exactly what that means for a governor who isn’t even in the race for the GOP candidacy to be in the race against Obama for the presidency. But they said it. A more accurate report of the speech was told by Esquire‘s Charles P. Pierce who affirms that this is all a marketing ploy to present Christie as a unifier and Obama as the divider.

Thing is, even though the election for president is still more than a year away, the GOP is already fed up with guys like this Texas ignoramus. So they’re begging Christie with all their money and promises of power to run as the stalwart needed to thwart Obama’s ruining of this grand nation and bring it back together as the top dog it’s always been (never mind the fact that good ol’ George W. set our path to destruction).

If Christie decides to run, they’ll try to convince us that he’s better than the rest—which he isn’t. They’ll tell us that he won’t stand for the bankrupting of taxpayers—and then he’ll probably take action against “greedy” union members. They’ll tell us that he’s ready for hard hours of bipartisan work (just like the bipartisan work he claims to have done in NJ but actually hasn’t)—and he’d probably just use presidential power to pass whatever the hell he wanted (just like George W. did and just like Obama isn’t doing).

Fact of the matter is Christie is just a big, bullying schmuck (and big is an understatement. dude’s gotta have incredibly serious health issues). He seems just like the right guy to fight for the rights of corporate businesses, lucrative tax loopholes, and against the working class man—all things that are severely close to tipping points and need someone like Christie to push them in their proper directions (corporate businesses and tax loopholes UP, the working class man DOWN). But this is all null and void, because as Christie continues to implore, he isn’t running (not yet at least). But if last night’s speech is any indication, well we could all be doomed. Because if he runs, the below clip is only a dose of what we can expect on a national level…