let’s have a beer is a new column meant to provide my craft brew drinking habit with a purpose. From growlers to canned IPAs to beers you’ve certainly never heard of, I will sacrifice my taste buds for the pleasure of passing on knowledge of something new.

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

BREWERY WEBSITE: dogfish.com
ALC./VOL: 7.0%
IBUs: 28
COLOR: pumpkin orange
AROMA: a nutty, spicy ale with undertones of pumpkin, caramel, and brown sugar
THOUGHTS: Making good on my word to bring a review of Dogfish Head’s seasonal Punkin Ale, be forewarned that with October coming very soon it’s going to be getting Oktoberfesty and Pumpkiny in these next few reviews—gotta enjoy the tastes of the season, right?

Dogfish Head is a small Delaware brew that makes some damn fine beers—and Punkin Ale is no different. It’s a bit on the strong side with bold spices and pumpkin, making for a rather unsmooth finish. But it packs some punch at 7.0% alcohol/volume, which always helps. It is a heavy ale that is not to be taken lightly (and it’s named after the Punkin Chunkin pumpkin throwing contest).

It’s an admirable taste of the season and definitely deserves to be tasted right out of the tap into a frosty pint glass. I got this one filled up in the growler and it was the first of many seasonal fall beers to come. Let the fellas at Dogfish Head tell you a bit more about it themselves…