16 years ago today one incredibly talented and inspiring man came to the end of his existence in this world. I was on the late side of 9 and my mom, sister, and I were out for the day shopping. We had pulled into the parking lot of a fabric store and parked into the welcome shade of a little maple sapling—shading us from the overwhelming August sun.

The Philly radio station jockey cut the song that was on short and said he had some terribly despairing news: Jerry Garcia has passed away in his California apartment from an apparent heart attack. I was sitting in the passenger seat and looked at my mom as she gasped and dropped her tearing face into her hands. I felt the weight of this sudden death full extent and even started tearing up myself. Lots of my fondest memories as a child are intertwined with hearing Jerry’s voice blaring from speakers, and even at 9 I knew things in this world would never be the same.

Simple Twist Of Fate


High Time

Scarlet Begonias

Tennessee Jed

Brown Eyed Women

The Harder They Come