I had nothing to say during the outright preposterous debt-ceiling bickerings over the last weeks because it was a headache and a non-issue—ultimately it was a political party battle that means jackshit in fixing anything. The real issue our elected leaders need to be solving with rapid pace is something called unemployment (one of the smartest economists around Paul Krugman has been shouting this at the top of his lungs for nearly 2 years now, since the Great Recession supposedly ended).

Yes, July saw 117,000 jobs added and the unemployment rate dropped .1% to 9.1. But these numbers must be taken with a grain of salt because 1). the economy has expanded at only a scary 0.8 percent annual rate in the first half of the year; 2). the number of unemployed people fell to 13.9 million, down from 14.1 million because they stopped looking for work; 3). only 58.2% of American adults are employed (in June 2007, around 63% were employed and in June 2009 59.4% were employed); and 4). the Dow Jones plummeted 513 points on Thursday.

All this equates to the terrible lack of growth and focus on job creation in the United States. It’s causing global markets to recede at fears of American leaders having no clue/wanting nothing to do with actually fixing something they allowed to break. Which means we are setting up for a double dip recession, despite claims from White House administrators that we are not. Two years after the Great Recession supposedly ended we are still looking at dismal growth and employment. And it’s because of nonsensical distractions brought up by elected officials in Congress like the debt ceiling, or gay marriage, or two endless wars that are sucking hundred dollar bills out of our country by the millions daily.

Which brings me to how Congress is fairing in the public eye. I imagine that they have this grandiose notion that they are incredible patriots doing their country the utmost service by sitting in a room for hours on end taking backdoor deals and blabbering about nothing—and it’s all in the best interest of the public. Well, when you don’t get shit done and solve actual problems that’s when you get the highest disapproval rating from the public ever recorded. In any other country around the world, if 82% of it’s citizens did not approve of how it’s elected leaders are doing their jobs their heads would surely be mounted on pikes while fires blazed in the background amongst pitchforks and a toppling government. Which might make us the greatest nation on earth or just it’s biggest bunch of suckers. That is yet to be determined…