Mitt Romney’s campaign team must not have done their homework if they’re sending me a letter for a campaign donation. I decided to breeze through the words written and typed by someone else that Mitt is passing off as his own humanrobot rhetoric.

I’d have a lot easier time accepting Mitt’s (aka Troy McClure) presidential campaign if he wasn’t fully abandoning his health care accomplishment (which was the precursor to the Affordable Health Care Act) in Massachusetts just to gain the G.O.P. nomination. It was a huge step towards universal health care in this nation (which is a thing great nations provide for their citizens), yet he’s turning his back on it like a child that was conceived in the back of his mom’s station wagon when he was just a young high school nerd. He called his plan a “success” in his book No Apology, though the Wall Street Journal says otherwise. But the costs have been transferred to the government and those that can afford it in Massachusetts, and not the low and middle income people who can’t—which is a good start. And yet Romney attacks President Obama’s philosophy when his own health care endeavors are the basis for Obama’s.

So, upon skimming what his campaign team had to say, here are some bits I found:

  • I don’t apologize for America. I believe in America.
  • “Obviously, Obamacare is the most egregious example of government intrusion into our lives.”
  • “I will be a free enterprise President fighting for lower taxes and fewer regulations.”
  • “If elected I will: Repeal Obamacare; and Rebuild a military battered by ten years of war.”
  • “P.S. I make no apology for my conviction that America’s economic and military strength is not only good for America, but also critical for freedom and peace around the world.

The bolds and underlines are not of my own doing either. I think it’s obvious how hypocritical and pathetic the above statements “by” Romney are. So expect much more of this humanrobot rhetoric in the days, weeks, months, and year to follow that will surely be annoyingly frustrating.