The tour is sorely boring without Dane Reynolds—this is a fact. I find it tough to even watch Jeffrey’s Bay, my favorite event on Tour and the lone savior of a fleeting, long forgotten Dream Tour. And when Kelly Slater doesn’t show up either, well, it just makes for a bad recipe.

Of course I like watching Taj, Jordy, and Parko surf, and Mick, too. But without Dane and Kelly there (especially Kelly), it just doesn’t count. Dane has skipped out on almost half of the events this year, J-Bay being the first he didn’t go to with a healthy knee (healthy obviously from these two clips). But can one imagine him actually going to NYC and SF for World Tour events after having skipped out on the long rights of J-Bay? Where has the Dream Tour dream gone?

And when floaters are winning contests which catapult one into the World Title lead, it’s a bitter pill to swallow. If that’s the progression the ASP is looking for they can count on losing me as a fan.