President Obama just raised over $86million in the 2nd quarter for his re-election campaign, setting a record in the process. Sure, the majority of the campaign donations are under $250. But what is the point of raising $86million, and what some think will be $1billion, for a god damn Presidential election? Wouldn’t that money be better off helping the economy?

Is it just me or is it ironic that our former Presidents line the pockets of our current politicians? It hasn’t been about what one can accomplish for this country for a longgggg time, and it’s only going to continue escalating with the Citizens United ruling. But when the NY Times even says, “The fund-raising total gives Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party an early and large lead over his potential rivals,” and then compares what each candidate has raised, it’s obvious that it’s all about who can raise the most cash.

Why is it that with a serious budget crisis, amongst loads and loads of other economic problems, are politicians doing and saying things that they think will help them get re-elected next fall? They should be doing things to just plain help because that is their job.

When I was regularly volunteering in a soup kitchen during college in St. Augustine I remember having a conversation with one of the regular guys who came in for meals each day. He was talking about a black & white tie affair the city was having to raise money for the homeless. Tickets were $100 a pop. He commented, “Why don’t they just give that money directly to the homeless or a fund for the homeless? Wouldn’t that be more efficient than holding some event we can’t even attend, eating food we can’t even eat?”

Check out the NY Times' piece called 'The Money Race'.

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