Keep fighting the good fight Dan Coats...

Yes, junior Senator from Indiana Dan Coats, bring to light and make a stink about NBC omitting ‘under god’ in the pledge during the US Open, but say nothing and let them become a total monopoly when they merged with the largest cable provider in the country (Comcast). Shouldn’t he be looking out for the greater good of the American people and not whether a privately owned company omits the word ‘god’ from a video? You take an oath when you become a Senator that says you will support and defend the Constitution, not one to your defend your Christianity and pushing it over on everyone. Our country was founded to flee religious persecution, and now Coats is trying to defend that very Constitution by wanting to force a corporation to include the word ‘god’ and stay in line with his religion?

But why would I ever expect a US junior Senator to ever scrutinize a large corporation for the right things, especially one who was a lobbyist for Cooper Industries (a Texas corporation that moved its principal place of business to Bermuda, where it would not be liable for U.S. taxes). Coats then successfully blocked Senate legislation that would have prevented a tax loophole, worth hundreds of millions of dollars to Cooper Industries. So really, his ethics have been publicly askew for a long time. So of course he will waste his time and taxpayer’s money by further ‘investigating’ this catastrophe. Some tidbits from his letter to NBC CEO sound like this:

  • “More than any political connotation, this is why the Pledge of Allegiance is more than incomplete without the words ‘under God’ and ‘indivisible.’  It is also empty.”
  • “I am disturbed with NBC’s decision to modify the Pledge for this broadcast.”
  • “I would like to request that NBC provide me with a full written account of its decision-making process in this matter, including an explanation of why these specific words were omitted, and what actions NBC intends to take to prevent such inappropriate edits from occurring in the future.”

Yes Dan Coats, you junior Senator and filthy rich former lobbyist, this is what the American people are concerned about regarding NBC. And not the fact that they break antitrust laws on their path to putting a stranglehold on the American people who forever sit sedentary in front of their TV sets.