Wrongful foreclosure on a house funded by an illegal mortgage is a terrible plague at the base of this Great Recession. Wrongful foreclosure on a house funded by straight cash is just plain illegal—which is what Bank of America tried to do to a Florida couple. But our justice system actually did it’s job when the couple brought it to court and the court found there was no mortgage. Then B of A decided to not pay the court ordered $2,500 in lawyer fees for over 5 months. So the couple’s attorney got a writ of execution from the court to go into the local branch and seize furniture, cash, or whatever wasn’t bolted down.

Of course B of A actually wrote a check within the hour, but it’s good to know that the tables can actually be turned. And what did B of A have to say for themselves? “We apologize to Mr. Nyegres that there was a delay in receiving the funds,” Christina Beyer, a B of A spokeswoman wrote. “The original request went to an outside attorney who is no longer in business.” I wonder if they have anything to say to the 1 in 387 American homes, or 2.8 million American property owners, who received foreclosure notices during 2010?

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