Amid Deficit, A Look Back At Bush\’s Surplus, Tax Cuts. via NPR

The rain that forced good ol’ George W. to bring this ceremonial signing 10 years ago to the day inside the White House was a forewarning. A forewarning that President Obama ignored when he decided to extend the infamous Bush Tax Cuts for another two years. Those tax cuts have been a big contributor to the budget deficit (along with wars, the Great Recession, and all those bailouts for corporations). And they reek of class disparity, and have so for years (check out the above anniversary story from NPR).

10 years out we can affirm that the Bush Tax Cuts did not lead to job growth and ending them would not hurt small business owners (mainly because less than 2% of tax returns reporting small-business income are filed by taxpayers in the top two income brackets) And we can certainly say now that extending them did not stimulate the economy. So really, why are they in place? There’s no doubt that we could come closer to a balanced budget by ending the Bush Tax Cuts for just the top 2 income brackets, it’s called math. So 10 years later I say we should all give George W. the credit he deserves…

Here’s five of the top myths about the Bush Tax Cuts.

And sign the petition to end the Bush Tax Cuts.