1 in 5 young adult Americans have high blood pressure. And 67% of that group are also above a normal weight (NPR’s health blog, Shots). This Great Recession we find ourselves dangling by fingernails to solid ground outside the hole has caused many Americans to forgo medical procedures, or even routine check ups, because they simply had to make a cut somewhere in their lives. And because of this, along with the further minimized coverage despite continued demands for higher premiums, health insurers are once again breaking record profits.

The fact of the matter is that the whole system lies on a philosophy that is not conducive to keeping people healthy. Instead the American can eat whatever they want, sit on their sedentary asses watching tv, and then go to whatever doctor they need or take whatever pill will help (of which they’ve seen millions of commercials for on television). It’s all a system that feeds off of the greed, gluttony, and sloth of humans—when people stuff their faces and watch more tv they need more medical care and prescription drugs to absolve their problems. So when someone bites into that greyish, sloppy Big Mac companies like Cigna hear “cha-ching!”

Health care is not my first expertise, but it should be a service provided by the government (just like education, safety, etc.). Yet privatizing it only allows for corporations to see citizens as numbers, and not as people who need dire medical treatments. The federal government took a big first step last year in enacting the new Health Care Act, but it’s still based on the old system. Within it, there is no further striving towards preventative care. Say that with me now, “preventative care.” It sounds logical, doesn’t it? Shouldn’t we take steps to ensure 1 in 5 adults never even got close to having high blood pressure? Preventative care starts early on in life, and teaching children proper eating and exercise habits, is doable (though we also have to get ourselves off that whole high fructose corn syrup addiction as well).

Until then America will continue to see it’s numbers as the unhealthiest country in the world rise, along with health insurance premiums from companies profiting from our misfortunes. The system loves when our belts need to be loosened…