a new column regarding humanrobots of this world and their incomprehension and total disregard of basic human societal morals and ethics.

See her above standing in front of the red white and blue and the shield of the F.C.C.: Meredith Atwell Baker, former (just by a few days) F.C.C. Comissioner. Meredith’s time spent on the F.C.C. could be summed up in her approval of the NBC-Comcast merger, of which she thought the process took “too long.” Upon taking her former office in July 2009 she took the ethics pledge. But what are ethics to humanrobots who have no understanding of how a human should act?

Under the ethics pledge she took before “serving” the American people, Meredith cannot:

  • lobby anyone at the F.C.C. for two years after her departure
  • lobby other political appointees at the F.C.C., including other commissioners, for the remainder of the Obama administration, including a second term if the president is re-elected
  • but can lobby members of Congress immediately upon beginning her new job

And Meredith’s new job, which she will be taking after her term is up in June, will be senior vice president for government affairs at the newly beefed-up NBC Universal. In laymans terms, she’ll be lobbying for the mega corporation she helped to create. Of course Meredith is not the only public worker to cash in on decisions she made while “serving” the people, she is merely the latest and utterly obvious.

The revolving door between regulatory agencies and the companies they oversee is so grotesquely apparent in our nation’s capitol that it really doesn’t even beg mentioning. Yet it still occurs as humanrobots jump from regulatory agencies to the companies they oversee and back and forth through the years, cashing in on their decisions made in the “interest” of the American public. And really, who can blame Meredith? She simply cannot compute that what she is doing is wrong. In her mind she has actually helped the American people: “I am privileged to have had the opportunity to serve the country at a time of critical transformation in the telecommunications industry. The continued deployment of our broadband infrastructures will meaningfully impact the lives of all Americans. I am happy to have played a small part in the success.”