Lots of products on this earth are changing—magazines, movies, music. You have to provide more for the consumer because the ease of the internet demands it. If you don’t provide more than just what you’re aiming to, well it’ll probably just get bootlegged or potentially overlooked.

The Foo Fighters and TV On The Radio both know this. That’s why they’ve undertaken the below projects to coincide with their newly released albums.

The Foo Fighters music can be hit or miss for me. But their latest, Wasting Light, is definitely hit. The entire album builds and progresses, and makes you anticipate what will come next. Live From The 606 is them just playing the album straight through, which is badass.

Coincidentally another great recently released album based around light. TV On The Radio’s Nine Types Of Light is a damn fine album—as is most everything they touch. I’ve really taken a liking to these guys over the last couple of years and have been anticipating this one since I heard the whisperings of it months and months ago. They made a music video for every single song on the album and weaved them together in this almost-hour-long flick. Unfortunately their bassist Gerard Smith passed away from lung cancer mere days after the release of the album—which makes this incredible compilation of their songs even more important…