Why is so much attention given to President Obama’s bracket picks for the NCAA tournament? There’s way other important things he could be using his time to figure out. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be allowed to fill out a bracket, because yes he should—even the President needs a distraction like sports to keep himself sane. But there is absolutely no need to publicize it the way they do: a special broadcast on ESPN that’s over 9 minutes long dissecting the President’s picks.

It points to the bigger problem of politicians having morphed into celebrities. Politicians used to be pundits, inventors, philosophers, war heroes/leaders. Now it seems as if they’re merely here for our viewing pleasure, playing themselves in a story about the chaos of a nation in peril who is trying to figure itself out moving forward into the future. It’s like some distorted “reality” TV program where people think, “Oh shit, did you hear what John Boehner said about Obama’s health care bill? I wonder how Obama will snap back at him? It’s on!” How about working together to solve the problems of this country instead of pretending it’s some shitty television show where we all give a flying fuck who is on who’s bad side.