Intrapace's humanrobot creating abiliti stomach pacemaker

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Designed by pacemaker manufacturer Intrapace, the abiliti stomach pacemaker is purportedly the first “intelligent” form of obesity intervention. Instead of simply constricting the stomach, the surgically-implanted pacemaker detects when a patient downs food or drink, and zaps the stomach with a series of electrical impulses to generate a feeling of fullness (the system utilizes the nerves around the stomach that signal fullness to the brain). As a result, patients eat less than they would normally.

The system goes beyond just zapping the stomach. It also collects information about food consumption and exercise, all of which can be downloaded to the doctor’s office or shared in the abiliti online community.

The stomach pacemaker is expected to go on sale in the U.S. by 2014, at which point Intrapace can really find out if its device can stem the obesity epidemic.—Casey Chen, Gizmodo (

Want to exercise? No, I’ll put the robot in my stomach.

Want to eat some vegetables? No, I’ll put the robot in my stomach.

Want to try meat not from a CAFO for a change? No, I’ll put the robot in my stomach.

Want to be a humanrobot?

If we continue putting robots in ourselves what exactly are we saying about ourselves? I don’t comprehend how we could be so lazy that we can’t alter our own habits, instead putting robots inside our bodies to fix things. It’s really the whole fundamental belief on fixing healthcare, the industrialized food culture, the financial system, environmental problems, education, etc., etc.: If we try preventive measures then there isn’t any need to fix a problem in the first place. It’s simply becoming efficient. Wastefulness is a module of the humanrobot.