Because everyone needs a banana that’s protected from the elements. Banana peels do nothing for protection—they always get bruised! And the banana always eventually goes rotten, damn it! Mother nature has it wrong, it’s all about the plastic bag that creates more waste and uses more of that black gold we all love so damn much.

As Craig Stephen, VP in North America for Chiquita Brands International Inc. said in this article: “Our focus is on quick-service restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and Starbucks, where people are looking to bring healthy products to their menu. Another focus is convenience stores in gas stations, he said, where men 18-25 years old, considered banana under consumers, are likely to stop for a snack or for something to eat.”

The ‘sealed for freshness’ packaging that utilizes their ‘controlled ripening technology’ (CRT) helps extend the life of a banana (err, ‘Natural Energy Snack on the go’) by 7 days, which means Chiquita can start putting bananas and other fruits in vending machines (which they are developing). Yes, that could potentially help people eat more fruits, but it doesn’t solve the bigger problem: the whole industrialized food concept in this nation. Fruits don’t belong in plastic packaging. They come off trees and already have a built-in protectant from anything the elements can throw at them. Putting them in a bag made from petroleum only makes them worse.

Oh so they say the bags are actually a green alternative, is that right? James Harvey, Del Monte’s UK managing director, told the Fresh Produce Journal: “Del Monte’s new CRT packaging is designed to provide significant carbon footprint savings by reducing the frequency of deliveries and the amount of waste going to landfill. The packaging is also recyclable.”

So using more plastic that sits in landfills or has to be recycled, delivering to even more places than just grocery stores (because of new vending machines, McDonalds, Burger King, etc.), delivering just single bananas and not bunches, and providing a fruit to people that grows thousands and thousands of miles away is a green initiative? Bananas are part of a good diet, but only if they are grown near you. I’ve stopped eating bananas within the last two months because they don’t grow near me. The cost of fuel it takes to deliver a bunch of bananas to Encinitas from places way south of here is not part of a conscious diet. Only the humanrobots of this world will purchase these single serving bananas. But hey, maybe bananas just need to evolve past their inferior peels to more plastic-like protection for the humanrobots of the future.