does this halfwit redneck get a show—on The History Channel of all channels. I’m willing to put money on the fact that Larry couldn’t tell you what the Magna Carta is. The show is called just that, Only In America, and gives Larry a sounding board to prove that America is the greatest country on Earth. Seriously History Channel, what the fuck are you thinking? This is nowhere near intelligent, or even about history.

It’s really a trend though that channels like “The History Channel” and “The Learning Channel” and “The Discovery Channel” are putting the shittiest things they can imagine onto their stations and getting people to watch. A “reality” show about pawn shops? a.) Who the fuck cares?! and b.) in what reality are they living in?! “The History Channel” ceases to be, and I can only hope that the true histories of this country and world don’t follow suit one day. It’s times like these that I’m thankful I have no television stations. Please, go read a book instead of watching this fuckwad for half an hour.

i despise with all my being the term ‘git-r-done’, so putting this clip on here shows you how absurd this “tv show” is