The Story of Citizens United vs. FEC

A Hart Research Associates poll released in January found that nearly four in five Americans (79 percent) support the passage of an amendment that would overturn the Citizens United decision and make clear that corporations do not have the same rights as people, thus giving Congress the authority to limit the amount of money corporations can spend on elections. But, that would mean it’s less money in the politician’s pockets from ‘campaign funding’. America’s politicians are in quite a financially critical moral dilemma. Can they rise to the occasion like government officials of “the greatest nation on Earth” should? If they don’t what does that self-anointed title even mean then?

Politicians already overuse this nationalistic phrase—like beating other countries is a good goal (well, it is what Presidents continue to discuss in State of the Union addresses). But if they’re not doing what the government officials of the world’s greatest nation would do, than this isn’t the greatest nation on Earth. Because if it were, government officials would not grant already over controling legal entities the same rights as humans (or at least overturn the obviously corrupt Supreme Court ruling on it with an amendment making the ruling moot).

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