as read in the recent NY Times‘ announcement of the NHL and MillerCoors agreeing to a $400million sponsorship over the next 7 years.

“Hockey and beer go together,” said Andy England, the executive vice president and chief marketing officer of MillerCoors. “Hockey fans are big beer drinkers. In fact, we have data that shows hockey fans are the biggest beer drinkers of any major sports league.”

it’s the NHL’s biggest corporate sponsorship, ever. it’s good to see the NHL ringing in a deal like this, because it’s well deserved. hockey is a genuine game in which any team can win the Stanley Cup each year. there are no dynasties built with huge salary caps and the cutthroat spectrum that free agency has become in other major sports. yes, the fighting tends to be front and center sometimes, and almost even promoted. but in hockey fighting can serve a purpose crucial to a game’s outcome, but there should be a little less tolerance i think.

the NHL’s annual Winter Classic has also added some nostalgia and excitement to the reviving NHL

i hope this deal continues to help the NHL flourish once again, because it really is a great sport that’s not controlled by money but rather by how the players play each night. the biggest beer sponsorship of a major sport in America though goes to the holy NFL, of course. Bud Light replaced MillerCoors as the NFL’s official beer sponsor last spring for a reported $1.2billion. and that’s what gets shoved down our throats on ESPN and major sports channels unfortunately…