Wow. I really don’t even know where to start with a reaction on that one from the archetype humanrobot, Mrs. Sarah Palin. Sometimes I wonder if she really is that brainless or if it’s all just an act to make her seem ‘nicey’ and ‘homely’. But then I realize no one could pretend to say the mind-blowing things she does.

  1. The word aspire means to strive for. You cannot “aspire Americans”. The correct word you were looking for is inspire, which means to make someone feel like they need to do a particular thing (i.e. ‘inspire Americans to grasp this moment’). We’ll come back to this in a few bulletpoints.
  2. The Soviet Union did not collapse because of their space program—the space program that did not win the space race, because if you remember correctly America was the first to land on the moon. Maybe Sarah is one of those people who thinks Neil Armstrong on the moon was a hoax? The Soviet Union eventually collapsed (nearly 40 years later) because of the arms race during the Cold War when the Soviet Union was amassing a great amount of nuclear weapons.
  3. WTF moment? Really? You’re insinuating on Fox News (whose supposed to be all about ‘family values’) to the phrase What The Fuck?
  4. Spud-nut? Humanrobots have no gauge on the sexual innuendo-ed terms they actually use.
  5. Yes, civility does root from the word civil and means well mannered. Kudos to you Sarah.
  6. I really shouldn’t have to explain this because it was pretty obvious. But here goes: When Obama referred to now as “our Sputnik moment” he was using it as a call to arms for America. A point in time in which we must step up and increase our well-being, increase our livelihood, and seize this opportunity to make our country the best again. America is on the decline as a whole. With countries like China increasing wealth per individual and European nations continuing to have a greater well-being than us, we’re falling behind (and don’t even start me on our nation’s youth math and science scores against those of other nations, it’s downright sad). It’s a make or break time period in America right now. We can continue on the same path we’ve been and eventually head the way of Rome, or we can step up, make huge changes, and set a path to prosperity once again. This is what he meant, not that we need to amass huge amounts of debt to race to the moon.