“There is abundant research suggesting in cities where more people own guns, the crime rate, especially the murder rate, goes down,” Utah’s new United States senator, Mike Lee, told CNN.Utah’s Gun Appreciation Day by Gail Collins.

Utah really loves their guns. Really really loves them. Just ask Utah’s House Representative Carl Wimmer, who is supporting a bill that would honor the Browning M1911 pistol by making it the official state firearm. By doing so the Browning M1911 would stand aside other official Utah symbols like their state bird (the seagull), their state cooking pot (dutch oven), and their state rock (coal).

Two of Utah's own: Carl Wimmer and the seagull. They almost look like they could be related...

And according to the Op-Ed by Gail Collins, Mark Madsen, a Utah state senator, even wanted to coordinate the celebration of ‘Browning Day’ with that of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Of course! Why hadn’t anyone thought of combining those two holidays together?

The Utah lawmakers need to realize that not everywhere is stuck in a Western movie time warp where everybody owning a gun to defend themselves is just a natural thing. I would be willing to bet that if you put more guns in a major city you’d get a higher crime rate. The United States year after year continues to be the world’s largest arms exporter. Why are we making so many guns? And who are we exporting them to? But again, why are we making so many guns?

Utah does hold one hidden treasure that'll actually make me head back there one day: Zion National Park.