The 2010 Nielsen Ratings for television have come out, and what a surprise, Americans watched more TV in 2010 than ever before. The average American now watches 34 hours of television a week. I’m going to pull some juicy tid bits from the NY Times article by Brian Stelter:

  • at least six cable television shows were about auctioneers and pawnbrokers
  • Among viewers ages 18 to 49, Fox again ranked first for the year
  • all of the cable news channels posted declines from 2009, with the Fox News Channel remained the most popular of the group by far
  • The History Channel and Ion Television each grew by more than 25 percent year-over-year. History was helped by “Pawn Stars” and “American Pickers,” trash-into-treasure reality shows that spawned imitators on other channels.

The TV is no longer called the ‘idiot box’, that’s too light a term for something that possess the average Americans attention for 34 hours a week. It’s now to be referred to as the ‘humanrobot box’. Because with cable news watching declining while all other television watching increasing it’s apparent that Americans really have no clue what’s going on—and that’s even more evident when Fox News (a channel who claims to be fair and balanced and employs this jackass) remains as the highest rated news channel. And the fact that it’s the highest rated channel among 18-49 year olds shows that our country could be quite doomed. But hey, it’s all good because The History Channel can just tell us what happened while we were blind to everything through shows that have nothing to do with history and everything to do with trash and trivial things. Throw your TV out and go read a book for fucksakes, or maybe go outside and just take a walk.