Meet Wafaa Bilal, or should I say meet the surgically implanted webcam in the back of his head. The camera is taking a picture a minute for a year, and the images are being streamed live at Mathaf, the Arab Museum of Modern Art. And why you ask?

“I wanted to lose that subjectivity over the image and arrive to the objective image that is not influenced by the power of our eyes,” he says.

So that means you have to become a literal humanrobot??? Wafaa Bilal, you are NOT an artist—you are merely some hack-that-can’t-create-anything-new-so-he-has-to-come-up-with-something-outlandish-that-no-one-else-will-do, which happens to be putting a fucking webcam in the back of his head. How do you even think that’s art? You are doing nothing to create the image, you are simply housing the camera with all that room you’ve got in your head from your obviously puny brain.

With Bilal and that jackass Fredrik Hjelmquist and his stupid gutpod, we’re nearing closer and closer to humanrobots becoming a normal, everyday thing. Now all we need is some sap having some kind of surgery to make him into a human Facebook. Please, turn the TV and computer off and go outside or read a book. The future of our society will thank you.