Earlier this week I headed up to the Staples Center in LA to see the Flyers take on the Kings. The Flyers dominated them, but it was an exciting game and my first ever time to the Staples Center. We had 11th row seats and that was the closest I’ve ever sat during an NHL game. There was a guy in the front row who had on a Michael Vick jersey overtop of a Rod Brind’Amour jersey—heinous. So around the Flyers fifth goal of the evening I grew pretty tired of seeing that guy stand up and look back at the crowd in an overly cocky way. So I started barking at him, anytime he stood up I barked. He got the hint and stopped looking back, as a few Kings fans around snickered. The family sitting behind us were all Flyers fans and the kids wouldn’t stop blabbing about how the Flyers were kicking their butts. Eventually the 5 or 6 year old boy asks me, “Why are you barking at that guy with the Michael Vick jersey on?” My eyes lit up as I turned around to tell the kid, “Oh, you mean your mommy didn’t explain that to you? You didn’t know that your ‘MVP’ quarterback beat and tortured dogs to death? Well he did.” As I’m happily informing the kid his mother’s face was in complete horror, as if she’d been deliberately hiding that little tid bit of info from her child. I look right at her after I’m done and she stutters out, “Yes, and that was very bad of Michael Vick.” And I say, “You’re right. That was very bad of him.” Kids are smart enough to make decisions for themselves. Give them all the information and don’t let them falsely idolize someone without knowing the whole story. I have a feeling that kid feels a little different today while watching his Eagles.