The 10th Annual Year In Ideas from the New York Times. Check out the whole feature here, there’s some pretty creative ones.

Some of my favorites.

Literary Near Futurism: A future for the world but maybe not for the publishing industry. The current wave of literary near futurism comes at a time when the printed book — and the very act of traditional reading — seems under siege by digital technology. Both Shteyngart and Egan embrace a kind of if-you-can’t-beat-’em-join-’em approach, weaving instant messages, social networking and other forms of digital communication into their texts. Egan even pulls off a powerful 70-page chapter written entirely in PowerPoint. The overall effect of their experimentation is to produce a powerful nostalgia for the ever-vanishing present.

Mega Lobster:

Human Milk For Sale:

Turbine-Free Wind Power: Conservationists argue that wind turbines pose a risk to birds, bats and sensitive habitats like shorelines. People living close to wind farms, meanwhile, complain of constant noise and vibration. This year, engineers responded with a new way to draw electricity from the wind: oscillating wind panels.