move young man, don’t sit still.

i’ve always felt like that mantra has been said over and over again in my head. it’s something i continually hear. i always feel restless. i always wonder what is going on in the places i want to see. what those waves there actually feel like to ride. what lessons i can learn there. what it’s salt air smells like.

but am i discounting all the places where an ocean isn’t? those towering mountains. the acres upon acres upon acres of corn fields. the massive freshwater lakes that wish they were oceans. the villages where most inhabitants have never seen the ocean.

one of my favorite Kerouac quotes has always been: “What’s in store for me in the direction I don’t take?”

i think that speaks to one of his motivations for searching out so many vigorous adventures. we’ll always be filled with that wonderment—no matter if we know the things we decide are what we should be doing or what is best for us.

there are drugs for this now. drugs for the people who turn into humanrobots and lose this wonderment, this questioning of the circumstances of their lives and inevitably take pills because they no longer possess it. they yield to the ways of a modern consumer and taker of all things.