silly me, thinking we weren’t already on a path to one day all becoming humanrobots. I guess it was merely a matter of time before someone with the technological know-how, money, and warped mindset would turn themselves into a literal humanrobot. this is a poignant day, I’m not really sure what to do. my intentions with this blog were to bring light to the path of humanrobotics we’re treading down, but seeing they’re already coming to fruition I feel like I should go stroll out in the rain for hours on end, pondering where human life will go after this one.

but I think I have it. REBEL against the gutpod. say NO to swallowing the pill. this humanrobot is not a sane being—why would one want to be a walking jukebox? it’s one step closer to never having to speak again, letting all our thoughts do our communication with others via electronic implants in our brains. do we really want to relegate humanity to that sort of pathetic life? don’t swallow the pill, remain human, listen to music on electronics, and go outside walking in the rain.