Biggest secret exposed:
SURFER Mag’s 1985 exposing of Harbor Bill after he eluded the cops all those years by calling him by his full name in a photo credit. He was arrested for this (Idiosyncrasies discusses  this controversy of the past).

Worst Maneuver:
Jordy Smith’s frog leaps that he continues to do…

Frog leaps these are, not a Superman air. Photo: Checky

Tiniest Bikinis:
Alana Blanchard is back on tour in 2011…

Worst Movie:
Innersection, at least from the report I’ll believe.

Lamest Red Tape Decision:
Not letting Julian Wilson compete in the Pipe Masters despite Parko’s mere 26-point lead over the kid for the Triple Crown. But hey, Julian’s now solidified a spot on tour. I have a feeling he’ll get another shot at a Triple Crown title sometime.

Most Overpriced Product:
The Hurley Phantom. 200 bones for boardshorts? Seriously? Do they have diamonds sewn into them? Do I get a handjob from Bar Refeilli if I buy them?

Funniest Webclip:
Jeremy Flores appearing to deny a kid an autograph, via Sterling Spencer and his French immitation. Watch it, NOW! LAUGH DAMN IT!

Website I Check Every Day
Dane Reynolds’ MarineLayerProductions, duh.