Everyone says that print is dead. I don’t really agree with that one. I think it’s changing, but it will never die because we as human beings need the written word to keep our intellect at the phenomenal level it has evolved to. If we rely solely on technology and it’s instant gratification, we’ll lose the process along the way. Which means we’ll lose the ability to reason and critically think about problems, ultimately becoming humanrobots.

That said, here are two cases for the need of the written word, and less of an emphasis on technology.


Chris Jones agrees with me. There will never be anything that can replace the feeling of pencil to paper.

There’s some scary realities in this one. A kid can’t finish “Cat’s Cradle”? One of the foremost classics of our time. How the hell can that kid expect to be a filmmaker if he doesn’t understand what it takes to tell a story. If we continue letting kids get hooked on technology at younger and younger ages we’ll only be fueling the hard-wiring of the human brain to rely more and more on instant gratification. Jumping from one thing to the next will become more important than finishing a task properly and seeing it through.

Not to mention the physically active downside of this—sitting around on Facebook becomes more and more a priority over enjoying a beautiful day outside (or a rainy one in the mud!) running around climbing trees and rolling around in the dirt. Hell, those are all things I still want to do now and try to as often as I can. As a kid I always opted for outside time over tv or video games. Experience real life, not the virtual one. I fear more and more that kids are going to be breed into sissies that won’t be able to handle the realities and hardships that life throws at them because they’re constantly in a world that doesn’t do that. If you know a child, have one, or see one, tell them to go outside and play and to stop sitting on that computer or texting on that cellphone being a humanrobot.