Stoked And Broke
Cyrus Sutton

Cyrus Sutton and pro surfer Ryan Burch are two of surfing’s most modern dissenters. Tired of the typical surf trip and overdone glamor that surrounds the pro surfing realm, they decided to have an eight-day adventure walking in their own backyard, San Diego.

The premiere I ventured to took place at the iconic La Paloma Theater here in Encinitas, as many a surf movie has made it’s debut there. On the way in from the car I spotted a sure sign that hipsters would be in abundance: cut-off pant legs ditched in the parking lot. I didn’t know they actually cut them off and left the remains of the pants for some hobo to use as sleeves.

Upon walking up it was apparent that this was going to be a full house—the line made it’s way north of the Seaside Bizzare lot, and this was the second showing of the night. Once in, a certain SURFER Magazine staff photographer and I chatted for a bit. “It’s as packed as a Taylor Steele premiere would be,” he commented at one point.

The flick opened with the original tarp surfing video, Tarp Pits (you can check it out here on Vimeo). It was impossible not to smile and laugh during this one. There isn’t much that gets more fun than that kind of tomfoolery. But now on to the main feature.

Traveling with a wide array of wave riding tools ranging from handplanes to chunks of closed cell foam, Cyrus and Ryan were ready for whatever the Southern California coast had to offer them. And it offered good. Ten-to-twelve foot Blacks on a self-shaped twin fin swallowtail gun was just one of the many surfing highlights.

But travel with money they did not. The tactful mix of humor, sarcasm, and making fun of themselves helps them prove that one can find new adventures just right at home, and that we should make the most of everything that’s offered to us. Backed by a killer soundtrack courtesy The Blank Tapes, you’ll definitely want to check this one out.