create a story, poem, or any piece based on this metaphor: “a minute of failure.”

Ken Kesey, with the help of Tom Wolfe, proved that we are not living in the present. We never will be able to fully be in the moment becuase our recognition of that would be delayed because of response time. It takes time to actually click and formulate a thought in our brains. So by the time we can react it will always be too late. It’s the human race’s minute of failure.

The in-betweens when we don’t make the decisions we should. The ones we know are the best option for us yet still don’t because we are tethered to these other notions of possibility. The road less traveled. The one we don’t take. Kerouac said something of the sort. I will always have that wonderment. That’s why being indecisive is so easy at times. By not choosing any option you leave all your options open.

Which brings us back to our minute of failure. Keeping your options entirely open also means failing to live in the moment. And what a pity if we don’t aspire to tear our idols down.