It was a night of weirdness. We took the Red Bull double-decker party bus and got to drinking quick. The premiere was being held in Costa Mesa, so it was a bit of a hike from the chaotic downtown strip of Huntington Beach. Coors Lights and RBVs (Red Bull and vodkas) caused lots of us to piss in cups, empty vodkas bottles, whatever we could find really.

We arrived at the Orange County Performing Arts Center (Samueli Theater) and sniffed in the stench of a stink bomb let off, oh groms.

After some beers at the open bar (I didn’t pay for a drink the entire weekend) Julian came on stage and repeatedly said the same things, “I’m just so nervous. Thanks to everyone for coming and my mum and all my sponsors. I hope you guys like it. It was a lot of hard work. Actually, it sucks.” Then he dropped the mic and walked off stage, probably to go sit in his black Ferrari that he rolled up in.


My notes from the night read like this: Interesting cinematography, good mediums used (RED and 16mm), amazing color correction, some draining barrels at Greenbush and somewhere in Oz with Mr. Mick Eugene Fanning, choppy editing, showed a lot of Julian flying but the clip would cut before he even got back on the wave. And where was the claimed 720 that made such a fuss? I did not see a 720.

Scratching The Surface
is not entirely about Julian though; it is themed around trips with Mick, Dusty, Dane, and Taj to places like Africa, Indo, Europe, and Hawaii. If there hadn’t been these guys in it and just all Julian it probably would’ve been on the very boring side of the scale. Is the film a game changer? Not even close. Impressive? Sure, why not. Was it a great party? You betcha.

We hopped back on the Red Bull bus to return to Huntington and it was morphed into an over-capacity dance club with groms pumped full of RBVs and a couple enjoying the act of making love on one of the benches. Oh the weirdness of US Open.

But this wasn’t the bus to be on apparently. Our intern ranga Blake somehow stumbled onto Julian’s private bus. Before they left the parking lot they announced that the bus was too full and everyone needed to get off and Julian would decide who is on and who is off. Julian told everyone to get back on except for Blake. Then he told Blake he’s been “a bloody c—nt all night.” Blake was left to fend for himself to get back to Huntington Beach. Thankfully the Red Bull girls had yet to leave. Probably a blessing in disguise for our little creepy buddy. He drew a sketch of how his night went (see above, and check out his ginger-vision here). Actually, that’s how all our nights went that horrendous Saturday evening…