weave a story around the mixed proverb: “silence is a great healer.”

he slammed the front door, departing from the screaming match going on inside the house. he managed to grab a pack of strawberry frosted pop tarts for his walk to school. too bad he didn’t get a chance to toast them. the foil packet glistened in the morning sun.

opening the white picket fence gate he turned back towards the suburban home. he could still hear the argument muffled through the two by fours, drywall, insulation, and cream colored siding. his head shook in disappointment as he latched the gate shut and stepped out onto oak avenue. he walked in silence to school.

his name was george and he just wanted to be left alone. he was in the 8th grade. george got good grades when he wanted to. most of the time he didn’t want to because he saw no point. he only figured that if his future entailed him to do good in school, go to college, get a job, settle down, and cause destruction, then what was the point? if people were only destined to end up like his parents george wanted no part of it.

if george was going to figure out how human beings could stop causing so much pain and devistation to each other, he was going to have to do it alone.