Monday April 12th, 2010 I finally made my first venture to Petco Park in downtown San Diego. It was the Padres home opener, they were playing the scornful Braves, and TransWorld footed the bill for 30 tickets. Too easy.

Petco in all it's glory

Petco in all it's glory

Beers at D Street before taking the train down, a 40 of High Life on the train (someone had to classy up the train), and an ass-kicking of the Braves that made me cheer for the Padres (2-17). Screaming “LARRY” at the top of my lungs for my least favorite Brave, Larry “Chipper” Jones, I proceeded to suck down the beers along with friends.

Enjoying the beers

Never one to want a party to end, kept it going that night at El Saloon and woke up Tuesday morning feeling like roses. I believe I will be venturing to Petco more this summer, as it’s a pretty spectacular stadium and I can drink beers on the train down. And I hear the Mets will be in town at the end of this month.

My view at El Saloon. Much better than the Shocks Johnny used to rally the troops.