you wake up to find this in your kitchen.

This wasn’t last night when this occured, but a few weeks ago. But my Tuesday hangover today reminisced the morning I woke up to this shopping cart and this pole protector residing in the little space between our fridge and sink. Always seems like a good idea till you need to hydrate yourself and you have no room left in your cramped apartment and you don’t even have the energy, patience, or mental focus to want to take care of it. I’ll delve into the art of hangovers in the future.

One note though about that infamos shopping cart: our good friend Dominic was inches away from going straight into Encinitas Blvd. at quite possibly 30 mph in this if it hadn’t been for Kevin’s quick reactions—though Kevin was the one letting him go down the hill in the first place. Instead of a splattered Dom all over Enci Blvd. we got an airborne Dom flying into the bushes after the cart hit the curb that Kevin had barely swung it into. Emerging from the bushes Dom was pissed—not at the fact that he got thrown into bushes, but rather that Kevin didn’t let him go all the way down the hill. His words, “Why didn’t you let me go? I would’ve jumped out right before. It was my moment to shine! You stole it from me!”