Just finished working the entire weekend up in Huntington Beach covering the WQS surf contest Vans Pier Classic. Spring break in it’s prime—glassy, fun waist-to-chest surf, bikinis, bikinis, bikinis (see the photo), and some surprisingly exciting action for a 2* contest.

Dylan Goodale ended up taking the event on his 19th birthday—kid was blowing up the entire contest and definitely deserved the win.

Uber grom Kolohe Andino took the Ezekiel Pro Junior contest with some inflated scores. The kid can surf, no doubt about that, but his surfing lacks power that others he faces clearly exhibit. But Kolohe’s turns are undoubtedly the fastest around, making for a deceiving turn. Plus he can pop out the cleanest air reverse you’ve ever seen on an ankle high wave with no face or wall to it.

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Always good getting out of the office and getting paid to be on the beach all day getting to look at bikinis and surf.