Students printed a “Most Wanted” poster, above, of a priest who molested as many as 200 deaf boys back during the 50s-70s. I’ve got lots of problems with religion (putting your faith in a life other than the one we have, the creation of unnecessary differences, wars waged in the name of god, the greed of churches, etc., etc., etc.), but this one might take the cake. How can you listen to disgusting pigs like this one and belief they are speaking the word of god? If they are supposed to be so holy why then do they rape little boys? And yes, it’s not all of them obviously, but considering the fact that the holiest of holiest (the current Pope and other Vatican officials, i.e. humanrobots) did not defrock (take away ecclesiastical powers) this beast (Lawrence C. Murphy), and many many others like him, is a sad, sad thing. “If you knew what life was worth, you would look for your’s on Earth.”—Bob Marley

Check out the New York Times [] full investigation on Lawrence C. Murphy and more. They’ve even got an interesting timeline of how this priest/molester got away with rape and still held preisthood.