Babak Dehghanpisheh, John Barry, and Christopher Dickey penned the cover story for last week’s Newsweek: Declaring Victory In Iraq. I am glad that sentiment for our super duper former leader George W. has moved towards the way of a crippled kid that after ‘graduating’ highschool has found himself a fantastic job stocking cups at the local Starbucks. The cowboy’s done well for himself.

And even the esteemed Stanely Fish made note of this sentiment last week here on the NYT. He also pointed out the crafty billboard that’s been waving to passerbys in Minnesota.

I could go on and on about how Bushians are trying to morph the reality of what actually occurred during Bush’s presidency and throwing the blame on Obama (just check out the first paragraph here and you’ll see what I mean), but I want to stay focused on this Newsweek article and cover for the rest of this.

I am glad that after these seven years we have accomplished that mission Bush told us we did earlier but really hadn’t. American taxpayers have and continue to shell out $1.5 billion a WEEK, thousands upon thousands have unnecessarily lost their lives (unless you consider their sacrafice for control of a majority of the world’s oil supply necessary), and the American economy is in the shitter because of all this, but hey, a win is a win.

Three quotes from the article I want to offer you:

  • A Whitehouse official said, “The big picture in Iraq is the emergence of politics.” Why? So they can be as corrupt, unproductive, and lobbyist-controlled nation as we?
  • The second to last paragraph starts out: “Most important in the long term is the fact that whoever rules in Iraq should be able to take advantage of the country’s enormous and largely untapped wealth of oil and natural gas.”
  • It ends like this, “Iraq, for better or worse, democratic or not, will be a power to be reckoned with. Such is America’s dark victory there.”

Victory? Assassinated candidates for elections, attacks on voting places and voters, women wearing shorter skirts, barracaded security checks during the morning commute, comparing a family venturing out after dark to one that’s surveying the ruins of their house years before is not democracy, mission accomplished, “something that looks an awful lot like democracy”, or “Victory At Last”. Unless of course Newsweek is comparing it to our own version of democracy. If so, then god damn, I guess George W. did get something right.